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Portable from the 70's, this cute little amp. In superb condition.

The B2 Escort was designed to look like a scaled down AC-30 amp. As originally introduced in 1974, the B2 Escort was a battery powered amplifier powered by a pair of UK standard PP9 cells (see photo at lower left).

This amplifier became popular with busker musicians. A busker is a musician that plays on a corner or in a train or subway station for spare change. No electrical outlet would be available to power an amplifier in such situations, so the battery powered Escort was perfect for this type of use.

The only other battery powered guitar amplifier available in the mid 1970s was the Pignose, to my recollection.

Vox soon recognized that many people purchasing the battery Escort amp were using it as a practice amp in their homes. For this purpose, it would be desirable to plug the amp into wall current rather than operate on batteries. Vox responded by developing a second version of the Escort, the BM1 Escort. It could be powered either by battery or wall current.

The Escort had a 3.4 watt RMS amplifier in the form of an integrated circuit chip connected to a single 5.5" speaker. Dual inputs allowed a both guitar and a high impedance microphone to be used simulatneously. Aside from a power switch and a mains supply selector, the only controls were volume and tone.
Condition: Good
Brand: Vox
Model: Escort
Finish: Black
Made in: United Kingdom
Vox Escort

*Batteries Not Included

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