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The BP10 has all of the high tech specs and characteristics of the CP10, including it's low noise characteristics. What's different here is that the range of the attack time has been shortened to better match the needs of low frequency bass notes. If the attack time is too long, it over emphasizes the attack causing a loss of both clarity and overall crispness. The BP10 provides clarity and eliminates the unwanted garble in "slapping" and picking techniques, giving you the smoothest and most responsive bass tones possible.

Like the CP10, sustain time increases as the sustain control is turned clockwise. Too high settings flatten the outptu dynamically while a moderate amount can improve consistency from note to note and when variety of playing techniques are used in the same song.

High attack levels enhance pizzicato techniques but can deprive picked or "popped" tones of crispness. A conservatively set CP10 on bass can be left on as a subtle improvement for all bass sounds.
Condition: Good
Brand: Ibanez
Model: BP10
Finish: Black
Year: 1985
Made in: Japan
Ibanez BP10


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