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"Gibson Pickup demo Les Paul Custom"

How's that for a sales pitch. In the year 1999/2000 Gibson offered larger dealers to sell Genuine Gibson Pickups as part of their "Go Ahead & Gear Up campaign". A 2-sided display with amp and a specially made Pickup Demo Les Paul was part of the deal.

This one is even more special, most of the few made demo-LP's are Standard, this one is a Custom. This great guitar comes with 9 different pickups you can slide in and give it a go. Change a pickup in 2 seconds!

The PU's:
P100 neck and bridge
P90 neck and bridge
500T bridge
57 neck and bridge
Tony Iommi neck and bridge

Added are the documents, a few leaflets and a brand new Go Ahead & Gear Up T-shirt.

Never used, in brand new condition.
Condition: Excellent
Brand: Gibson
Model: Les Paul
Finish: Natural
Year: 2000
Made in: United States
electric guitar
Gibson Les Paul

Pickup Demo Les Paul Custom

€ 5.900,00
stockships monday
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