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Condition: Brand New
Brand: Ibanez
Model: Trussrod Cover
Finish: Rosewood
Made in: Japan
Description: Truss rod cover: for Artcore Custom, Rosewood, with Custom logo

For AF100, AF105BM, AF105F, AF105HK, AF105SM, AF105, AF125 ARTCORE series / AF series, AG100 ARTCORE series / AG series, AK100, AK105SM, ARTCORE series / AK series, AM103BM ARTCORE series / AM series, ARC100 ARTCORE series / AM series, ART500 AR/AX series / ART series, ARX500 AR/AX series / ARX series, AS103BM, AS103HK, AS103SM, AS103 ARTCORE series / AS series, AWD102 ARTCORE series / AS series and PM35 Signature model / Pat Metheny between 2005 and 1012

Original Ibanez spare part
Ibanez Trussrod Cover


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