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Midi 2 x loop

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MIDI 2 X LOOP allows to add two additional effects’ loops to the guitar system. M2L is a loops’ switcher controlled by MIDI interface (by Program Change or Control Change commands) or manually, by using the buttons on the top of the device. Using the MIDI commands it is also possible to mute the signal (e.g. for silent tuning).

M2L should be controlled by programmable MIDI controller (which enables to program desired No. of PROG CHANGE or CTRL CHANGE command for a given preset). It is particularly recommended as an extension for the G LAB guitar system controllers GSC. Due to its passive signal path it is also possible to use the M2L as an A/B/Y switcher.

Basic characteristics:
two bypassed (by electro mechanic relay) loops to connect the pedal effects or serially connected sets of effects,
muting circuit based on opto elements,
MIDI THRU connector to connect other MIDI devices,
power supply and active loop indicators,
two buttons for loops’ manual on/off switching,
power supply 9V DC (direct current).
Condition: Brand New
Brand: G Lab
Model: M2L
Finish: Black
Made in: Poland
G Lab M2L

Midi 2 x loop

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