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Silver Machine Earth Quake

Bass model

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- Touch sensitive Technology-the effects is turned on by simply standing on the tread
- Sound can be blended in/out. Modern / Classic modes.
- Three different frequency bands available via rotary switch
- 5 positions selectable via rotary switch to adjust the Q factor.
- The balance between the classic and modern modes is internally adjustable.
- Adjustable volume of the effect.

Most likely after 20 years still the best performing Wah Wah in terms of signal/noise ratio, through our Low noise technology.

Three function selectors vary the filter circuitry directly and offer a host of sound variations:- hot, funky sounds, biting heavy riffs and out-of-this-world Space effects. The Earth and Quake selectors can be used in combination to produce a total of 12 sound configurations.

The Earth selector switches between three different frequency ranges and the Quake knob is responsible for the "Q-Factor" - altering the band width of the filter. The mini switch lets you change instantaneously between Modern and Classic modes, where "Classic" represents the familiar wah-wah effect while "Modern" supplies the opportunity to create new and subtle variations by mixing the effect signal with the original input.

The mode is indicated by means of the LED. For the Modern mode a trimming potentiometer on the circuit board governs the mix between the original and effects signals.
Condition: Excellent
Brand: Silver Machine
Model: Earth Quake
Finish: steel
Made in: Germany
Silver Machine Earth Quake

Bass model

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