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Lightwave Saber Bass SL

Lightwave Optical Pickup System

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Saber SL with Lightwave system and conventional pickup, new old warehouse stock, unplayed. With original Protec bag, paperwork and charger.

The Saber Bass with the exclusive, patented LightWave Analog Optical Pickup System is a forward-thinking high-performance professional instrument with an ultra responsive natural tone unlike any other. It features a chambered swamp ash body with resonant chambers to enhance the tone, as vibration is key to coaxing the most sound from the wood.
It also includes a beautiful AAAA flamed maple top, black basswood quarter-sawn composite fingerboard and is available in 3 finishes. If you’re considering the fretless model, it is renowned for its highly convincing upright bass tone and immediate response. The Fretless model also features a slash sound hole.

The LightWave Optical Pickup’s transparent response ensures harmonically rich, deep, and powerful tone, spanning a wide range from pure, natural string sound for the ultimate in lyrical playing, to super-aggressive for all-out shredding.

Extremely low noise characteristics eliminate the annoying background hum and buzz typical of conventional pickups, and with no magnetic field damping the strings, sustain is long and natural.
Condition: Brand New
Brand: Lightwave
Model: Saber Bass SL
Finish: burgundy
Made in: United States
bass guitar
Lightwave Saber Bass SL

Lightwave Optical Pickup System

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