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Ibanez INF1-BLK-4P

Humbucker neck

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Neck humbucker introduced in 1994 to fit in RG series models. Usually combined with Infinity 2 in bridge position and Infinity Single 1 in mid.
Versatile and responsive with warm classic tone and added output. Articulate rhythm sound, but retains its clarity and tightness when overdriven

Original Ibanez spare part

Infinity pickups are a line of magnetic transducers produced by Ibanez and installed in several Ibanez guitar models. They were designed as a cheaper alternative for the DiMarzio IBZ/USA and are used in lower end models (including the GIO line) which are made outside Japan.

The first Infinity pickups were introduced in 1994. A second generation was rolled out in 2005.
Condition: Brand New
Brand: Ibanez
Model: INF1-BLK-4P
Finish: Black
Made in: Japan
Ibanez INF1-BLK-4P

Humbucker neck

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