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Condition: Brand New
Brand: Fender
Model: 0992115000
Finish: Parchment
Made in: United States
Description: Pickup set Custom Shop parchment Stratocaster® Vintage Noiseless

Sonic Characteristics- Single coil tone without the hum! Vintage Noiseless Strat® pickups produce the brilliant clarity, definition and harmonic attributes of a vintage Strat in a noiseless package.

Construction- These pickups feature special beveled edge Alnico 5 magnets and enamel-coated magnet wire. Each Vintage Noiseless Strat pickup comes with 3 pots, a capacitor and resistor to enhance your Noiseless experience.DC Resistance: 9.8K, Inductance: 3.0 Henries

Fender Genuine Replacement Part
Fender 0992115000


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